Frankly Dear, I Really Don't Give A Damn

from by Mikelangelo

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Yes we all know it's tragic how you suffer,
We've seen how you slash your wrists with knives,
You've been disowned by your precious lover
And you want the whole world to hear you whine,
But I'm afraid I must confess
That your pain and distress
Is nothing that I'd care to understand,
The sky is still blue,
And the cows, they still moo,
And I, my dear, still don't give a damn.

I heard that he took all your money
While you were drunk and passed out on the floor,
And I've heard that he found it quite funny
To see you being carried to the door,
Now although I could see
How such events would give you grief,
I just can't give you the pity you demand,
'Cause my car needs new oil
And the water needs to be boiled,
And frankly dear, I really don't give a damn.

Now you can be judgmental and call me cold,
Jump to conclusions and say I don't have a soul,
But I really don't have the time to listen to you talk-
See, I like taking my afternoon walks,

You grab people's attention with your crying
About that treacherous nasty boy,
You write poetry about how you're slowly dying
'Cause it's the only activity you still enjoy,
Now poetry is nice,
But so is fried rice,
Which reminds me that I have a dinner planned-
My friend is cooking duck,
So I wish you the best of luck,
'Cause frankly dear, I really don't give a damn.

Now all you ever talk about is how you're so messed up
As if I was meant to care about your problems that much,
Why ca't you just accept that my indifference exists,
And stop being such a self-centered bitch?

There's a party to which I am going
And I'm sorry to hear that you're not invited,
By then, all the stars will be glowing,
But it's daylight now, and I hope you're not short-sighted,
'Cause the jet-planes way up high
Spell a message in the sky
That I would like you to read if you can,
They are intimate words
That I hope you won't find absurd
That say "Frankly dear, I really don't give a damn."


from This Twisted World of Ours, released March 8, 2015
Music and lyrics- Mikelangelo Macrohon
Production- Christian James Hand
Album Cover Photographer- Kevin Stanley



all rights reserved


Mikelangelo Los Angeles, California

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