Completely Dead Inside

from by Mikelangelo

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These handsome men in suits and pretty women in high heels
All look like dolls and action figures made in Brazil,
They wear recycled faces I've seen many times before,
And they're not the kind of faces I like seeing anymore,
And as these people blabber the way socialites do
My ears fill up with all the same old goddle-dee-goo,
It brings the psychological question to my mind,
Is it me or is it them who are completely dead inside?

I had a job interview not too long ago
In a shabby hotel on Hollywood and Lemongrove,
The interviewer smiled to me the friendliest of smiles
As he shook my hand and told me he'd call back in a while,
I waited for his call for well over a week
Before I finally realized that I had been deceived,
But I guess it makes sense that people sometimes have to lie
Since too much truth would just leave everyone completely dead inside.

Last week I got on stage and I played a brand new song
Confident that it would be loved by everyone,
My producer tried to stop me, but I gave him attitude,
I told him through the microphone that I was not a tool,
But as I sang, I realized that the song wasn't that great
And my confidence was shattered by the time I left the stage,
So the moment I got home, I chugged a big bottle of wine
To stop myself from wishing that I was completely dead inside.

And everyday,
I'm just trying to stay sane
As I contemplate
The direction of my life,

I used to love a girl who had a pretty little nose
That would twitch every time she saw me take off all my clothes,
Every now and then, I would give it a playful pinch
And she would always retaliate with a quick teasing kiss,
One day I caught her smoking crystal meth on the sly,
And when I tried to intervene, she threatened suicide,
I left her with a heavy heart and tears that wouldn't dry,
But I guess I'd rather cry than be completely dead inside.

And it sure takes quite a fight
Just to know wrong from right,
It's a struggle to survive
Life here in L.A.,

These handsome men in suits and pretty women in high heels
All look like dolls and action figures made in Brazil,
I don't know what the hell this fucking party's even for,
I think it's about that time I started heading for the door,
I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do after I leave,
I'll probably just spend the night alone at the beach
And listen to the waves and watch the stars in the sky
Until they show me a world that's not completely dead inside.


from This Twisted World of Ours, released March 8, 2015
Music and lyrics- Mikelangelo Macrohon
Production- Christian James Hand
Album Cover Photographer- Kevin Stanley



all rights reserved


Mikelangelo Los Angeles, California

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