This Twisted World of Ours

by Mikelangelo

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released March 8, 2015

Music and lyrics- Mikelangelo Macrohon
Production- Christian James Hand
Album Cover- Kevin Stanley



all rights reserved


Mikelangelo Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Growing Old
As the sun climbs into the sky
To clear away the night
And the traffic slowly fills up the empty road,
The colors that brighten our dreams
Seem almost vulgar and obscene
When you know that there's nothing here except growing old.

The kids playing in the park
Do impress onto a lonely heart
Thoughts of what their unknown futures may hold,
But if there is a common thread
That is uniting them,
It's that someday soon, they'll all be growing old.

I ran into a girl I once loved
During my happier days beneath the sun,
When her eyes and lips were all that I wanted to know,
She told me that she was engaged,
And I didn't feel the slightest pain,
'Cause young love must die in a world where you're growing old.

Through my silent reveries,
I've learned that I'm just too weak
To keep holding on to things like faith and hope,
There's only a few who ever will
Live a life that's truly fulfilled,
But everyone must submit to growing old.

These strangers do multiply with each and every step
As friends and lovers alike wither into blank silhouettes,
Entering the garden, I light up a cigarette,
Mingling toxins with my breath
As my heart pales inside my chest,

I met up with some friends
To drink down our sorrows again
In a place where no one could ever feel alone,
But although having them near
Saved me from crying another tear,
It was all just another way of growing old.
Track Name: I Guess I'm Doing Well
It's the third day of April-
The landlord will be knocking soon,
I've got thirty-five bucks on the table
But I'm eight hundred dollars overdue,
There's a silent narrow sunbeam streaming lightly through the glass
And settling on these dusty photographs,
That's where the frail ghost of my childhood whispers feebly to itself,
"It gets kinda lonely but I guess I'm doing well."

On the way to the liquor store,
An old man asked me for spare change,
I'd seen him several times before,
Sleeping on the sidewalks in the rain,
Now wouldn't death be easier?
Death would set him free
From the burden of the aimless life he leads,
And maybe my perspectives
Will earn me a place in Hell,
But until then, I guess I'm doing well.

Browsing through the fantasy stories that I used to write
Back in the days when I was still passionate about life,
It's strange to think how age would change a man's frame of mind
Just to leave him reminiscing bygone times,

And all across the globe
Are people who i might have loved,
There's corruption in their souls,
They've been forsaken by the lord above,
In solitude their voices seem to penetrate the walls
And echo through my heart's haunted halls,
And perhaps this earth we live on is just a giant prison cell,
But I'm used to it, so I guess I'm doing well,

Yes, the knocking on the door has steadily increased,
I think it's time I disappeared indefinitely,
There's a frail ghost dissolving
With nothing left to tell,
Save for the lie,
"I guess I'm doing well."
Track Name: Dusty Corners of the West
Well the hard rain falling feels as heavy as hail on my shoulders,
The sky is covered by a thousand clouds and it's starting to get colder,
I've been bar-hopping half the night and I ain't stopping anytime soon,
Somebody pass me a beer, I need a painkiller for all this gloom.

Country-blues band playing at the Pig N' Whistle tonight,
My vision's spinning like a wheel and the white moon looks like a kite,
I don't know where I'm going, but I know that it's better than home,
I think it's time to let loose and pay the role of a rolling stone.

Dealing cards with the devil while an angel fills up the shot glass,
Heavy heart's beating just a little too hard against my chest,
Could only guess if tomorrow's gonna set me free from my past,
But that's the way it works in the dusty corners of the west.

Dreamed away the morning and was woken by the motors of noon,
The sins and the virtues of my heart made their daily bloom,
Sunday's the best time to pray for a change in the tides,
'Cause I'm sick of the monotonous current that has conquered my life.


Senses stripped down to a drone,
All this weariness is starting to prevail,
The comfort has left my home,
Where the walls are getting pale,

Silence makes a nice contrast to this screaming hangover,
With each second passing I could feels myself getting older,
I once was a child, then I grew up and saw the light,
It's time to hit the bars again and maybe make love with someone tonight.

Track Name: Completely Dead Inside
These handsome men in suits and pretty women in high heels
All look like dolls and action figures made in Brazil,
They wear recycled faces I've seen many times before,
And they're not the kind of faces I like seeing anymore,
And as these people blabber the way socialites do
My ears fill up with all the same old goddle-dee-goo,
It brings the psychological question to my mind,
Is it me or is it them who are completely dead inside?

I had a job interview not too long ago
In a shabby hotel on Hollywood and Lemongrove,
The interviewer smiled to me the friendliest of smiles
As he shook my hand and told me he'd call back in a while,
I waited for his call for well over a week
Before I finally realized that I had been deceived,
But I guess it makes sense that people sometimes have to lie
Since too much truth would just leave everyone completely dead inside.

Last week I got on stage and I played a brand new song
Confident that it would be loved by everyone,
My producer tried to stop me, but I gave him attitude,
I told him through the microphone that I was not a tool,
But as I sang, I realized that the song wasn't that great
And my confidence was shattered by the time I left the stage,
So the moment I got home, I chugged a big bottle of wine
To stop myself from wishing that I was completely dead inside.

And everyday,
I'm just trying to stay sane
As I contemplate
The direction of my life,

I used to love a girl who had a pretty little nose
That would twitch every time she saw me take off all my clothes,
Every now and then, I would give it a playful pinch
And she would always retaliate with a quick teasing kiss,
One day I caught her smoking crystal meth on the sly,
And when I tried to intervene, she threatened suicide,
I left her with a heavy heart and tears that wouldn't dry,
But I guess I'd rather cry than be completely dead inside.

And it sure takes quite a fight
Just to know wrong from right,
It's a struggle to survive
Life here in L.A.,

These handsome men in suits and pretty women in high heels
All look like dolls and action figures made in Brazil,
I don't know what the hell this fucking party's even for,
I think it's about that time I started heading for the door,
I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do after I leave,
I'll probably just spend the night alone at the beach
And listen to the waves and watch the stars in the sky
Until they show me a world that's not completely dead inside.
Track Name: What Do We Need Angels For?
Well there's a drunk man spilling his piss on the floor
While old toothless ladies pose as young pretty whores,
When life's this entertaining,
What do we need angels for?

Well there's a yapping old priest lookin' pretty forlorn,
Stubbornly chaste with a face full of scorn,
Sure inspires a man to say
"What do we need angels for?"

Well the big bad devil tried to kick down my door
But my dog scared him away with a squeaky-ass roar,
With a devil like that,
What do we need angels for?

The piercing notes of their endless gospel songs
Will kill all your brain cells and make you want to yawn,
Let's grab one by the wings, drag him down to a bar,
Buy him a Heineken and a cigar,
Heaven sure sounds like a boring place,
Let's give the a piece of the human race,

Well I'm meeting my drug dealer outside the store,
He sold me cocaine, and now he's selling some more,
I snort a line and wonder,
What do we need angels for?

Well there's a dream I've been having since the day I was born
Where the stars are arranged in a peculiar form
That spells out the words,
"What do we need angels for?"

Well the naked girls band are about to perform
'Cause that's what we pay our prostitutes for,
With women like that,
What do we need angels for?

Strolling through the Hollywood streets on a saturday night,
Watching those tough-guy knuckleheads get into fights,
Knucklehead see and knucklehead do
And that's how riots break loose,
All this chaos is giving me adrenaline-
Heads up, folks, 'cause I'm jumping in!

There's a great big riot, someone tally the score,
Bones are gonna break, heads are gonna get sore,
When we're having this much fun,
What do we need angels for?
Track Name: Frankly Dear, I Really Don't Give A Damn
Yes we all know it's tragic how you suffer,
We've seen how you slash your wrists with knives,
You've been disowned by your precious lover
And you want the whole world to hear you whine,
But I'm afraid I must confess
That your pain and distress
Is nothing that I'd care to understand,
The sky is still blue,
And the cows, they still moo,
And I, my dear, still don't give a damn.

I heard that he took all your money
While you were drunk and passed out on the floor,
And I've heard that he found it quite funny
To see you being carried to the door,
Now although I could see
How such events would give you grief,
I just can't give you the pity you demand,
'Cause my car needs new oil
And the water needs to be boiled,
And frankly dear, I really don't give a damn.

Now you can be judgmental and call me cold,
Jump to conclusions and say I don't have a soul,
But I really don't have the time to listen to you talk-
See, I like taking my afternoon walks,

You grab people's attention with your crying
About that treacherous nasty boy,
You write poetry about how you're slowly dying
'Cause it's the only activity you still enjoy,
Now poetry is nice,
But so is fried rice,
Which reminds me that I have a dinner planned-
My friend is cooking duck,
So I wish you the best of luck,
'Cause frankly dear, I really don't give a damn.

Now all you ever talk about is how you're so messed up
As if I was meant to care about your problems that much,
Why ca't you just accept that my indifference exists,
And stop being such a self-centered bitch?

There's a party to which I am going
And I'm sorry to hear that you're not invited,
By then, all the stars will be glowing,
But it's daylight now, and I hope you're not short-sighted,
'Cause the jet-planes way up high
Spell a message in the sky
That I would like you to read if you can,
They are intimate words
That I hope you won't find absurd
That say "Frankly dear, I really don't give a damn."
Track Name: This Twisted World of Ours
Heaven's drifting down
Lightly as a cloud,

And you know that I will follow you until your frozen heart begins to glow
Deep in the darkness where ghosts whisper secrets long untold,
Yes I will follow you, even though I know there is no hope
In this twisted world of ours,

Tears have yet to fall,
At least none that I recall,

But alone, I've seen the yellow moonlight land on pallid faces I have known,
Distant as childhood and mystical as the gods of Rome,
Their rising eyelids revealing minuscule black holes
Made by this twisted world of ours,

And after too much pain
There's always nothing left to say,

I've roamed through empty streets in the haunted midnight, fearless as a child
With no direction leading me through each uncounted mile,
Just a desire to lose myself for a little while
In this twisted world of ours,

But ain't it strange my darling how tonight there's been no sorrow?
Just you and I and the starry milky way,
And I don't need to know if we'll still be in love tomorrow,
No I don't even need to your name,

At least not today.
Track Name: Setting Sun
Feeling so tired and I can't explain why,
Memories lose color before my eyes,
My heart is heavy with guilt and sin,
Stirring this pain I harbor deep within.

I let my dreams all go to waste,
I was standing idle when I should've made haste,
The wind cuts sharp against my skin,
Stirring this pain I harbor deep within.

Caught inside the storm,
I was stabbed by the devil's horn,
Now what have I become?
I'm a ghost undone before the setting sun.

Her beauty was all I could bear to behold,
Her lips were warm but her kiss was cold,
She injected her lies into the marrow of my bones
And left me in a silent room to lie alone.

Looking into the past
Through a heart made of glass,
Oh what have I become?
I'm a ghost undone before the setting sun.

The compass is pointing straight ahead
To the very place from which I have fled,
My fate is decided and I cannot win-
Stirring this pain I harbor deep within.

Promises torn apart
Like failed works of art,
Passions overflow
Into blood-red rivers of sorrow,
I sit here paralyzed
With tears verging on my eyes,
Oh what have I become?
I'm a ghost undone before the setting sun.